Christian McCaleb, LMT

I’ve been trained in massage therapy for over 4 years. After becoming licensed I started working on as many people as I could while learning more about their common musculoskeletal dysfunctions. This means I mainly focused on figuring out what techniques made people feel better but also why and how they got there in the first place. This lead me to training in more medical based techniques and eventually working with swimming and diving athletes in the Georgia Tech Athletic Association. Today I stay busy with manual therapy work as my primary but I also teach massage at the school I graduated from. My ultimate goal is to dispel the general public’s thoughts on the limitations of what “massage therapy” can do and show through my work and knowledge of the craft how effective manual therapy can be.

What is Pro-Balance?
Pro Balance Massage is a sports myofascial approach to massage therapy utilizing “Postural Balancing”. We combine various techniques and methods including Egoscue to help bring your body back to its optimal posture for best performance.